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  “Hello,”  he said.

   There I stood, frozen on the other end of the line. I had heard exactly what he had said and with effort I tried to reply back, but for some odd reason words at that time, were unable to escape me.  My lips had moved, I was sure they had but not a single sound followed. There was only silence.  How could this even be possible, I had thought.  What had come over me?

I had thought deep and hard and the truth, I realized later was that his, “hello” had caught me off guard.  I was somber and unable to move because feelings of vulnerability had unexpectedly flooded my sole existence, it was the familiar sound of his voice that seemed to have unnerved me. In that brief moment, I was drowning, drowning in a dark sea full of emotions and anxiety; I was almost unable to breath, let alone reply back with a simple.. Hello.


    One thing that I have always prided myself in was the ability to mask my feelings, especially if those particular feelings had the possibility of making me look troubled or even the slightest bit weak.


     “Hello Ryan, are you there?” He said.

   My voice trembled and with a weak reply I was finally able to say hello.  I had hoped he had not noticed the slight tremor in my voice.  I was sure he didnt, and we soon finished our conversation.  We didnt talk long because the costs of using a cell phone to call to the States from Thailand is very high.

  After our conversation I had felt perplexed so I had decided to get lost in the streets.  During the middle of my walk, out of nowhere feelings of homesickness pained me.  Misty eyed, I looked around and all the faces looked the same, they all had the same look of strangers that I did not know, speaking in a language that I did not understand.  I thought about how I took for granted the sounds of familiar voices and the sights of faces that I’d normally see on an every day basis and it saddened me.  I was so thankful that I was wearing a hat because with my hat I was able to hide the tears that had seemed to slowly trickle down my warm face.


    I was homesick and the strange thing was that the tears that I had shed were not just tears of sadness but they were tears  of joy as welll.  I was actually happy to be able to be homesick because it meant that even though I have been able to suppress my emotions for so long of a time, they were still there, they were just dormant.  I was glad that they were still there because that meant that I am still capable of feeling, something which I thought I no longer was capable of.  It is sad but after such a long while, I finally feel that I am living again.  Now off to Krabi Beach.

Beware of the Hostel Creeper!

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It’s 12:02 A.M. I’m tired and I’m literally afraid to go to my hostel dorm room because I know he’ll be there patiently waiting for me, my hostel creeper that is. At first I thought he was just being friendly, but I know now that if I were to go to bed at this exact moment then there would be a high probability that I could very easily be raped tonight. The truth is I’m just not ready to be Ning’s bitch, that’s my creepers name; His name is Ning.

I hate to say this but I think my niceness has finally gotten the best of me, and if anything should happen to me tonight please inform the Saphaipae Hostel staff and the Bangkok police that it was the 36-40 year old Thai guy named Ning, the assitant kindergarten teacher from Phuket in hostel rack number 4.

How it all started


Two and a half days ago was the day that Ning checked into my hostel dorm room, which is room number 307. At first I thought he was just your everyday ordinary backpacker, but little did I know he would turn out to be the creeper that would stalk me almost everywhere I went within the confines of the 3rd floor. Looking back at it now I should’ve requested to change rooms or changed hostels this morning instead of paying for an extra night but my exhaustion from my muay thai kickboxing training this morning caused me to have a temporary lapse of judgement. A judgement which has involuntarily led me to this moment of blogging late at night instead of sleeping soundly in my rack.

The night that Ning arrived I was in my room preparing to shower and as I prepared to shower Ning walked out of the room. As soon as I had everything together I started heading towards the shower area and as I walked by I realized that someone was already taking a shower and they had their door open which was strange because these showers all have doors with locks and are not communal so everyone normally just closes their door. When I finished showering Ning was still showering and when I got out he got out as well. I just figured that we just happened to finish at the same time. Then I go to the pisser and he follows me there as well, he ends up taking a piss right next to me and through my peripheral vision I could see that he was standing a foot away from the pisser and I started thinking that, that it must be some sort of bathroom Thai custom that I did not know about. That was my first encounter with Ning and I honestly didn’t think anything about it at the time. Just two guys in the bathroom, taking showers and taking a piss.


Getting to know Ning and his nice compliments

The next morning as I’m in the bathroom again brushing my teeth Ning walks in. We made small talk with each other and we found out where each of us is from and what we’re doing in Thailand and for how long. He then proceeded to tell me how handsome I was and that I was a good looking guy and with a quick touch of my abs, he said that, “You have nice abs.” I gave him thanks because that is what I have done to anyone who has ever given me a compliment in my life. Ning was the 3rd random Thai guy to give me a compliment on my looks and physique (1 was a thai cop) so I just thought that Thai guys are just super nice and friendly. I actually wished that more Americans were like Thai people. Too many Americans usually like to put people down, not give them compliments.


Ning’s dirty eggroll in my face

On the third day I woke up at 6:00 A.M. so that I could get ready for my muay thai training that morning I hopped into the 9th shower the furthest shower from the door and as I’m taking a shower someone jumped into the shower next to mine and I’m thinking, why out of all the showers that were open, why would someone want to hop into the one that was right next to mine? That was odd I thought. I then finished and walked out and as I walked past the 8th shower stall I noticed the door open and with a slight turn of my head I saw that there was Ning, jacking off with the shower curtain open and the water streaming down his body… I’m like fuck this shit i’m going straight to my room, and as soon as I got to my room I started rushing to get dressed hoping that I’d be able to get out of there before Ning comes back from the bathroom. Within 3 minutes of me getting dressed I was crouched down and tying my shoes just about to head out the door and before I had gotten the chance to get up, in walks Ning.

Ning then says, “You going muay thai now?”

I say, “Yep, I’m going to my muy thai training now, see you later.”

Suddenly out of nowhere Ning dropped his towel and started jumping and hopping around stark naked showing me his “muay thai” version of kick boxing moves. My face turned into shock and I was thinking how screwed I was being in that vulnerable position crouched down with shoelace in hand trying to look away from the cock and balls that were rapidly bouncing up and down not even a foot away from my face. I could practically smell the dirty odor that was coming from his genital region, if not taste it. It smelled like a dirty egg roll, a smell that I don’t think that I will ever forget.

As soon as he backed away I stood up as quickly as possible and as I am headed out the door he grabbed me from behind and starts massaging my shoulders and I’m thinking what the hell is going on? As he massaged me (and I was trying to get away) he said in his Thai accent, “I do thai massage for you tonight when you in bed.” I then got the fuck out of my room faster than I probably have done almost anything in my life.

Now here I am at 3:39 A.M. exhausted, scared, and blogging just hoping that Ning is not up, waiting for me in our dorm room, possibly naked lying down in my rack, rack number 6 just to give me that “massage” that could possibly be the end of me. I’ll stay up a bit longer however because I just can’t take the risk of him being awake, it is just a risk that is too great and one that I am not willing to take.

So to all who happens to read this please, please, Beware of the Hostel Creeper! The Creeper named Ning!

That’s the creeper Ning in the photo below.  I went to go to grab my camera real quick when my other hostel mate was awake and in the room.


Trouble with Thai Immigration!

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My first destination and I couldn’t believe it. I’ve finally landed in Bangkok, all of the days that I’ve dreamed about this and it was finally happening. I was so excited that while landing I could feel that my breaths had gotten shorter and a bit more rapid.

When I got off of the plane I got off with my new very nice backpacker buddy Eric from Seattle (He was a 6’0″ brown hair/eyes decent looking white guy). We had just met each other on the plane so we both decided to tag along with each other until we both had to go our separate ways. The first thing that we did was head over to Thai immigration. When we get there I scanned the immigration area and I started to think to myself that there sure are a lot of white people around, where did all the Thai’s go? Then I thought to myself, oh yeah it’s immigration you dummy, Thais don’t need a visa to immigrate back to their own country. Lol.

As Eric and I waited in line for about thirty minutes the immigration officer then called him up first. Everyone else seemed to pass through immigration with a breeze and now it was our turn. I was a bit nervous to be honest because I have never been through immigration before in an airport and I didn’t want to get rejected before I even got into the country. Eric then proceeded to the immigration officer and then as soon as he got to the immigration officer, the officer told him to step aside, oh no I thought Eric got rejected! I felt really bad and I got even more nervous! Eric then stepped aside and the immigration called me up next. I was slightly shaking when I handed him my papers and he then said, “step aside” I couldn’t believe it, I got rejected too! Well, at least we got rejected together I thought. Eric asked me what I thought was wrong and I said, “I don’t know” and then the Immigration officer kept saying in a mean voice, ” flight number, flight number. ” I was like ” Eric, um… I thing he’s trying to tell us that we wrote down the flight number wrong.”

The immigration officer was being a total dick I thought. I started to think that he must hate Americans! Everyone hates Americans in fact a lot of my friends and family back home told me to tell people that I was Canadian. Everyone lovesss Canadians and they hate Americans someone actually told me that I should sew a Canadian flag on my backpack so I could look like a Canadian! I love Canadians , but hell no I’m not going to sew a Canadian flag to my backpack. I love America! Then I started to think that this this immigration officer totally hates America and Americans, Eric and I are screwed, we’ll never be allowed in the country and I’ll never get to eat authentic pad thai! But then I started to think that maybe this immigration officer didn’t even care if we were American or a Thai he just hated retards that didn’t know how to fill out a form correctly! We then changed our flight number and then the immigration officer did a total 180 and was kind of nice and let us into Bangkok. I guess he did just hate retards that don’t know how to fill out forms after all!

I told myself that I will never ever forget to fill out an immigration form right down to the flight number with its letters exactly to the T, it’s just stressing and unnerving when someone from another country is scolding you in a language that you don’t even understand for a service that you need, especially for immigration purposes! Never again!


That was my immigration officer in the pic.  He hates dumb people.  Lol.

Embarking on my Journey!

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My names is Ryan and I am a 27 year old backpacking (Well as of writing this, I’ve officially lost my  backpacking virginity and am an official backpacker!)  gay guy!  For as long as I can remember I have always dreamed of experiencing new things, meeting new people, and seeing the world through my very own eyes and with these dream I carry the crazy hopes of finding my true self, someone who I unfortunately have not yet seem to have found.  I am writing this blog so that I will be able to recall and share all of my exciting and amazing adventures and people that I happen to stumble upon in this life.   Through my blog I hope that you will be able to connect with me within a degree to experience the things and men that I do during my travels.

P.S.  this is my twitter @gaytravelbuddy  follow me! 🙂

Hello world!

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